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Anne Arundel Bar Fight Leaves One Dead – Reminds Us All to Look Out For Each Other

By: GDH Staff

On Wednesday, March 29, 2017, Anne Arundel County Police say that a man was killed in a bar fight in last week, in a case that has still not been resolved.

Police report that they responded to calls about an altercation at the Sidelines Sports Bar and Grill in Glen Burnie last Monday night. Upon arriving on the scene, they were informed that 26-year-old Aaron Jamal Skipwith had been involved in a fight in a nearby parking lot, and was taken to the hospital with severe injuries. Skipwith was pronounced dead not long after police arrived at the hospital to continue their investigation.

An autopsy, which was performed on Skipwith’s body shortly after his death, determined that he had been the victim of ‘sharp object injuries’ to his upper torso. The exact circumstances of Skipwith’s death have not been released, and police continue to search for those responsible.

Generally speaking, bar owners have a legal responsibility to provide a safe environment for their patrons. Depending on the circumstances, this responsibility may extend outside of the bar itself. Judging from published reports, there is no reason to conclude that the bar owner in the above situation acted negligently. But we feel that this tragic situation should serve as a reminder for us all to stay safe when out and about, and to always exercise our moral duty to look out for our fellow man.

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