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How Women’s Fashion Impacts a Verdict

By: Kyndall Rodriguez

Studies show that only 15% of all civil issues go to court every year, so if you find yourself before a judge consider your case a special one. Historically, men would be the only individuals within the court system, period. Now, women have been integrated into the court system in every capacity in the form of clients, attorneys, judges, jurists, bailiffs, etc. Since women are now in the court system, their fashion and attire are important to their case. For women going to trial, I would suggest that you ask your attorney about what to wear in the courtroom, if they have not already told you.

Conservative and simple are two words that should be used to describe women’s courtroom fashion. There are many ways to look conservative and simple while not looking frumpy and sad. As a woman on trial your attorney wants you to show the judge that you do make good decisions and that you understand courtroom decorum. Things as simple as looking sophisticated and clean can make a judge think once or twice about your case. With these tips and examples women’s courtroom attire will never be an issue again.

  • A neutral color scheme will tell the judge that you are not wild and indecisive, but respectful and mature.
  • Closed-toe stilettos with no more than a 3’ heel are the best shoes to wear to any court appearance.
  • Although most judges want women to wear skirts most of the time, wearing a smart pair of trousers is never a bad choice.
  • When wearing a top and a bottom to court make sure your shirt has buttons and a collar, to exude maturity.







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