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Five (5) Things to Do After an Auto Accident

By: Eleese Rawlins
Auto accidents are unexpected and frustrating, but it’s important that you act quickly right after. Following these five basic steps can make things easier.
1) Check all drivers and passengers.
First make sure that everyone in the car is uninjured . If someone is unconscious, or in major pain do not move them until the ambulance has arrived. Then check your vehicle for damages.

2) Call Police and stay at the scene.
If there is major damage to your vehicle and serious injuries to you or anyone in the car, you want to call the police immediately so that a proper police report is made and the people injured or in need of medical care get the attention they need. Turn on hazard lights and move vehicle out of traffic if possible.

3) Exchange Information with other driver.
Ensure you gather all the following items:
i) I.D. information (Name, Number, Address)
ii) Vehicle information (color, make, and model of car)
iii) License plate number
iv) Insurance Policy number and Policy
v) Call your attorney before giving any recorded statements to the insurance company

4) Contact Your Attorney
After an accident, it is best to consult an experienced attorney. An attorney can help you deal with processing your claim and reducing your stress.

5) Document damages
Make sure you have as much proof of damages for your insurance company as possible so document EVERYTHING.
i) Take photos of your damaged vehicle
ii) Write down or take photos of the location and street signs

If you or anyone you know has been in an auto accident and have been injured or has lost any type of personal or business property due to an accident, don’t wait to get the help you need. Contact the Gwen- Marie Davis Hicks Law Firm where our attorneys will work to get you the help you need.

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